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Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants

It’s time to find out how dental implants can replace your missing teeth for life.

If you are dealing with gaps in your smile due to tooth loss, you may already know first-hand that this affects more than just your appearance. Unfortunately, untreated tooth loss can cause everything from jawbone deterioration to facial wrinkles. If you are looking for a tooth replacement option that’s as close to the real thing as you can possibly get, then it’s time to turn to our periodontists in Hilton Head Island and Hardeeville, Dr. Lee Oppenheimer and Dr. Kane Ramsey, to find out if dental implants are right for you.

What is a dental implant?

An implant is a metal post that is positioned into the jawbone under the gums where it will function like tooth roots and provide a strong,Dental Implants long-term foundation from which to support a false tooth (aka: a dental crown). If you are missing several or all of your teeth, multiple implants can also be placed along the arches of the jawbone to support partial or full dentures.

How do I get a dental implant?

First, you will need to come into one of our offices in either Hilton Head Island or Hardeeville for a consultation with our dental implant specialists to find out if this is the right treatment option to meet your needs. We will perform an oral exam and take X-rays to make sure that your jawbone is strong enough to support an implant.

Once we have determined that you are healthy enough for a dental implant, we will need to perform a minor surgery to place the implant into the jawbone. Don't worry—this surgery is performed right here in our office under local anesthesia and only takes about one hour to place the implant. Given that this procedure is quite simple, you can go home immediately after!

Once the implant is placed, we will need to wait several months before we can begin the next step in your treatment process. During these 3-6 months, the jawbone will grow around and integrate with the implant. Once the implant and jawbone are fused together, we can then begin the next step: placing the abutment.

The abutment is the part of the implant that links up the metal post with the dental crown. Once it has been placed and the gums have healed, we can then cement your dental crown over the abutment to complete your new tooth. If you are replacing several or all of your teeth, we will secure permanent dentures on top of the implants. These dentures should be removed every night before bedtime.

Interested? Give us a call!

If you are living in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and you are dealing with tooth loss, then it’s time to call our dental practice today to schedule a consultation. Find out if dental implants are the right for you by dialing (843) 842-5005 for the Hilton Head Island office, or (843) 208-2222 for the Hardeeville location.

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